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  1. I have a bunch more higher res pics that I can email to anyone who is interested.
  2. Thanks for the question. It’s an RC-10. I’m attaching a couple more pics. (Needed to resize them to get in under to 2 meg limit).
  3. PRICE DROP 12/8 - Need to clear the decks so dropping the price of this to $85 plus shipping so I can get it out of here. I’m downsizing the home theater. Up for grabs is a gently used Reference series RC-10 center channel speaker. Very loud and practically unused. There is one tiny chip on one corner. Grille, manual, and original box included. In-person pickup (Boston/north shore area) but am willing to ship if the buyer picks up the tab for FedEx Ground. Asking $125 85 Thanks! Btw, I have a bunch more pics. Just drop me an message. (My main pic took up most of the allotted 2MB limit).
  4. Hi everyone- The screen on the control unit for my RW-12d seems to be shot so before I order a new one from Klipsch, I figured that I'd reach to see if anyone has a working one laying around that they're not using. There was one up on eBay but I missed it. Thanks in advance for the assist! -Eric
  5. are the $69 and $199 prices on the sxt and roomgroove units (respectively) on the website for new or refurbs? thanks.
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