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Early Klipsch Shorthorn


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21 hours ago, CraigTB said:


It has some Klipsh tags, but nothing thorough. I understand this is a Kit though.



the  Shorthorn you have is a 15 inch Utility cabinet  , the crossover has a klipsch tag dated 1956  with the model K-1000/5000 , the signature appears to be  Lloyd McClellan , PWK's 1st employee  

- the tweeter is the University 4401 

- the Midrange  metal horn is a K-1000 ,  the midrange driver is the University SAHF 

- the woofer is the cast University C15W  15 inches dual voice coil ,dual spider piston woofer  .

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22 hours ago, CraigTB said:

Thank you for the Info! Who the signature is is really cool. Can you tell me more about the “Utility Cabinet”? This is what had really thrown me off identifying.



there's 1 sure way to determine if you have a Klipsch Shorthorn Model S utility cabinet


 - an unfinished cabinet would have these dimensions .... Height   36 .75" , Width 24" , Front to corner 22" 

- a finished cabinet would be slightly larger .....  H-37" - W 25.5" - Front to corner 23.25"

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  • 4 weeks later...

@JRH, reading these threads had me digging through my paperwork trying to find the picture you sent me of the archives showing #1 prototype being made for Judd Martindale. This is the speaker in my possession and it still rocks hard today.

  Could you send me another pic of it as i am wanting to frame it and display with my horn. I would be very appreciative!!! My email is rockett1978@gmail.com 

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