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Advice for speakers with a really really high SPL

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7 hours ago, chetanh said:

1) L and R rear surround (RP-640D or CDT-5800-C II) or something else


The RP-640D look interesting, but I don't have any personal experience with these speakers... I did note that those aren't all active drivers, 4 of them are passive radiators... power handling is a bit lower than the RP-600's that one would normally use for surrounds, but probably not an issue. I would however not use in-ceiling speakers for surrounds if you can help it...


7 hours ago, chetanh said:

2) L and R rear and front overhead.


Either the CDT-5800-C II or the PRO-180RPC (which is what I use) for Atmos height speakers.


7 hours ago, chetanh said:

Well i may be able to get some decent condition used Rf7 III as well as RC 64 III s.


You definitely can't go wrong with the RF7iii's and the RC 64 center for the front stage... 🙂

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