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Klipschorn k 357

Tom Anderson

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I bought a single 1957 khorn 357 at an estate sale last week. Based on the paper work Ebonite finish w a gold and black sash. I think I need a very low watt amp to get the best sound but I have put a mcintosh m60 on it. The speaker hook up says 16 ohm. All the internet postings say use the 8 ohm tap. My m60 does have a 16 ohm tap. Is one preferred? W the m60s I always try to drive low end power out of more modern speakers. Here I feel like I should turn the gain and hum adjustments down on the amp? Any advice is greatly appreciated. It has been running great for about 10 to 12 hours and then jumps into a thundering hum. My friends at audio classics says that sounds more like a 5u4 tube?

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The ussual response to a question like this is to try different things and see what you like. But I think that is a cop-out (unless you'asking an aesthetic question -- like what color to paint the spare room.  Rather,you are asking a technical question in view of conflicting instructions.   


IMHO your likely best starting point is to use the output tap with the lowest ohms rating.

*Very generally this will have the least hum and noise.  (if those are a problem)

*Very Generally using a light  load (16 ohm load on an 8 ohm tap) will result in lower distortion.





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