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Tell me more about this DVD please. Is it based on the TV special that aired recently, or does it draw more from actual concert recordings? I didn't care for the way that the TV special shortened the songs, and showed very little of the theatrical element that took place in the audience and on stage at the beginning of the performance,

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i got this as a xmas gift. right away couldn't get any of the formats to run off its set-up menu. only happens w/ this disc. was able to switch to dts in the dvdp menu.

overall pretty good, but mainly due to the talent. recording/mix could have been much better. seems like same mix job for both the dolby & dts formats.

& white, yes it is done as the same documentary type as the tv special w/ some songs cut off. in fact i think its the same as the tv special w/ maybe like another 30 min of live songs added.

& anybody notice they're starting to call dolby digital 5.1 "5.1 dolby surround"? seen on this & other newer movie dvds.

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btw, i also picked up PM "live at the cavern club". also has dts. totally dif song list of oldies like "all shook up". bit of a better recording/mix & all live song performances here. no documentary. smaller, more intimate venue.

david gilmour & others also step in. but haven't had a chance to really watch/hear it all yet. got it from dvdplanet.com.

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jb, will do hopefully soon. sorry just haven't had the time - its been too hectic to even post much on the forum let alone catch up on the material. 9.gif

i can tell you now its definitely a better recording, venue & format imo. but definitely none of his pop stuff on this one (which I thought made it interesting, along w/ gilmour).

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