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  1. I loved these songs the first thousand times I heard them.I don't care to ever hear them again! 1. Stairway To Heaven 2. Free Bird 3. Hotel California
  2. Lone Palm

    Norah Jones

    Just got the new Norah Jones "Feels Like Home". No sophomore slump here. It's got Levon Helms and Garth Hudson from "The Band" sitting in along with Dolly Pardon. A little more up tempo from 1st album.
  3. Excuse the mistake. I meant to say it's not Dish but the source material.
  4. I really don't think it's Dish, the source of the material. Some movies are better than others. The CD channels are great!
  5. Been buying CDs since 1983 and have had no problem. My twenty year old ones play as good as the one I bought last week.
  6. I don't use any compression. The CD channels are excellent. I'm worried that in the future FM radio will fall by the wayside. Though FM uses compression and limiting,the dynamics are still better than this much touted digital radio. I heard "Money" by Pink Floyd last night. This song has great dynamics,but after the sax solo,when the band really goes full tilt,this crescendo is no louder than the cash registers in the opening. I don't know, Does the quietness of digital justify a limited dynamic range?
  7. I have this concert! Ann Wilson could gain another hundred pounds and still be the sexiest woman in Rock And Roll!
  8. While scanning my Dish Network menue,I discovered that I now have SIRIUS Digital Radio. These guys can't be serious! This stuff is great programming with 99 channels of music. But I really don't think it's really good quality.It seems to have the dynamic range of AM radio. There are no fade ins or fade outs. Everything is all the same volume. Is it me or can anyone else hear the lack of dynamics? I hope the future is not filled with this poor quality format.
  9. I don't like stereo played in surrond. It sounds artificial and thin to me. However in the 5.1 mode it can approach live. I especially like concert DVD's when the engineer has placed the ambient sounds of the hall and crowd noises in the rears.
  10. One 10 and Two 9's is a pretty good score. I think the recording quality is head and shoulders above most everything else. The DVD really struck me. In the special features they speak of various techniques they used. They keep it simple which usually leads to superior recordings. I beleive through my recording experience, the less you do to a signal, the less you have to fix. Most of these albums were done with the musicians sitting in a circle in the same room in the studio.
  11. Without Roger Pink Floyd is a cover band!
  12. Thanx 4 the info. Great natural5.1 mixes are hard to find. Will check it out!
  13. My favorite FM station has bragged for years about sending a clean straight from the CD signal. No EQ,no filtering,no limiting, no nothing. Recently I noticed that thrir signal sounded GREAT! Familiar songs had more seperation and more depth. It sounded better than my CDs of the same songs. But this is decieving. On listening very closely, the music was breathing. This is to say that different parts of the song would come in artificially loud. So be careful when making judgments about FM because they are not intending to provide music,they are selling products and want the fullest,richest sound possible even if it is artificial.
  14. Klipsch horn speakers sound like music and not speakers
  15. Just listened to the "Will The Circle Be Unbroken Trilogy". It is comprised of three albums spanning 30 years. #1-1972; #2-1989; and #3-2003. It's a five disc CD box set with the sixth disc being a concert DVD. All Star cast and pristine recording. Only draw back is DVD is in full screen and not wide screen. A must for anyone who likes acoustical music
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