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FNG Looking for amp/receiver advice for 1st time Speaker/Klipsch purchase of RP Dolby Atmos setup.

Marty M

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Hey all,

I'm about to buy my 1st speakers ever and I'm wanting to to go with something I can build on to that has great sound and will last. I'm aiming to go with the following setup of Klipsch:

2x RP-8060FA


1x SPL-150


I was hoping to get some guidance on my receiver and or amp+receiver combo needs for this setup. I do plan to grow the system to 5.1.4, and some very long term goals of 7.2.4 on day. I'm really a fish out of water here any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Welcome to the Forum!


i´m only on a 5.1 system myself, but, for others that help You better with opinions:

• What´s Your budget?

• Do You want to buy new/ is pre-owned ok for You?

• Size of Your room?

• Is this mainly for Home Theater or for music listening as well?


• What did i not mention guys?


Whatever You end up with, enjoy your Klipsch!

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Right now the room is a bit awkward and very open, and the house is rented and temporary as I just moved to a new state for work. This is the new job present. That's why I was planning on just going with a 3.1.2 setup for now with plans to move to a 5.1.2 and then a 7.2.2 once I have the living space to support it. 


Budget is very flexible and and I want a system I grow into.
This is more for home theater but will also be used for music offer.

Looking for new. 

Since I'm renting, I don't want to drill anything into the ceiling and thus why I was thinking 2x RP-8060FA as the front speakers to compensate for this.


And thank you so much for the input so far! I'm very excited for my 1st Klipsch purchase. Any advice on the receiver is extremely welcomed! 

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