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one year old thread, but i go anyway

Strange comments i would say. Audiolab (not the 6000, but the 8000) is a very satisfactory amp on the Fortè. Also the Jadis Orchestra, deep and fast bass, great mid and highs, and on the opposite @jcn3 had a lack of bass. Audio Innovations 500 also sounds quite good, on all the Heritage line (had them all, most of them toghether, so i could compare) although i find it a little too exuberant on low frequency, unless tubes are philips blackburn or old Mullard.  Tung sol  modern tubes are definitely harsh and boooming, JJ el34 are better, chinese mid to economic EL34 are thin and without bass.

Exposure amps are fantastic on Fortè, but you need to get them 70-80 cm from the wall since it is a little bass exuberant.

I mainly use SET on Klipsch, (La Scala, Chorus wich is a big Fortè, etc) but Fortè are not vintage La SCALA, they need at least an 805 or 835, or at least a 211.   300b and 2a3 is not powerful enough on Fortè, is great on La Scala although.

If you like Sand, then those speakers are exigent. They have been created with tubes in mind, so most SS have quite some problems. Greatest, toghether with the ones above mentioned, are for me Jeff Rowland Model One, and Mark Levinson ML2 monoblocks or 27 (great great amps)

Not great for me all the old sansui or pioneer of the SS era. But good (good on Fortè, great on La Scala) instead old tube ones, like SA-400 or SA-83. But they must be totally recapped to use them. Not just some cps.... practiclly most of them plus a lot of resistors. 


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@Stel1963 - just to be clear, I experienced poor bass with the Orchestra Black with Cornwall IVs. This was in comparison to a Parasound JC5. No EQ or DSP used.


I wanted to love the Orchestra Black - it is simply a gorgeous piece of equipment.

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