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Pipe Fitting Question (plumbing)


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Long story short, the wife bought a TUB faucet and handheld (handheld sits on faucet like old style telephone)


Anyway, she bought this for us to use in the mudroom we're working on over a lavatory.  I have 1/2" copper pipe coming to the location and fortunately, I'm NOT yet done with the plumbing so I'm not painted into a corner ......yet.


So this faucet she bought is an ON-WALL faucet.  It looks like an old time faucet your grandparents might have had in the farm house where you have a hot AND a cold valve.  They both go to a center spout for mixing (into the tub, but in our case, into a lavatory)  ALL of this is external, if that makes any sense (it doesn't really matter though)


So to shorten the story....  I need to find a: (if I'm pronouncing everything correctly)


Drop eared, 3/4" STRAIGHT PIPE THREAD (and there's my problem, I do NOT need a TAPERED pipe thread fitting) with preferably a 1/2" copper pipe (solder) input although I can get an adapter if necessary.  I just want to solder it in on the input side.


So far all I can find are tapered fittings (granted, I've only gone to one local big box store).


Anyone know where I can find this fitting with straight pipe threads OR, what it's called?  


For example, I've found: Libra Supply Lead Free 3/4 inch 90-Degree Female Drop Ear Elbow C x F, (click in for more size options)3/4'', 3/4-inch Brass Pipe Fitting Plumbing Supply




I don't see any reference to this fitting being straight or tapered....and this is my problem.




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