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Closing rear port on RP504-C ?


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Hi, I'm setting up a 7.2.4 home theater with front speakers of 2 x RP-8000F for LR and a RP504-C for the center.

(Also will have 4 x RP-600M for surrounds and back, 4 x CDT-5650-C II for atmos heights, and 2 x SPL-150 for subs)


My question is about the RP504-C... I dont have space up front to place the center channel away from the wall because I have a UST projector that needs to go below the screen... I can fit the RP504-C speaker just barely behind the projector if the back is flat against the wall and the bottom is maybe 1.5 inches below the top of the projector (so it doesnt interfere with the projection of the image onto the screen).  This means the port on the back of the speaker is closed against the wall and the main woofers are just barely above the projector.


It will look like the attached images.


I would like the collective opinion on how much that would hurt my sound quality on the all-important center channel.  (I could block the rear port with some sponges which I understand will be better than leaving it open if it is against the wall.)  I'll be running Dirac for whatever that's worth.


Other options are:


1.  Place the RP504-C below the projector with the front flush with the back of the projector (where you see the bookshelf speakers in the photos), but then it will be 2 feet below the screen and 9" off the floor which isnt the ideal location for the center channel.


2.  Put some spacers behind the screen to push it forward about 5" from the wall, then I can move the projector and RP-504C forward the same 5 inches from the wall and have 5 inches of space behind the speaker for the rear port.  I just dont know how much this is really necessary if anyways I have good tower speakers and subwoofers.


(I thought that ceiling mounting the projector might be the solution but it turned out to be unworkable... the image projected was too low on the wall even if I mounted the projector right on the ceiling, and tilting it up to raise the image produced too strong of a keystone.)


Will appreciate everybody's advice!






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I was thinking that maybe I get enough bass from the tower speakers and subwoofer that getting it from the rear port is not important, so better to have it higher and without below 80hz than to have it almost on the floor.  On the other hand, I dont know how blocking the port will affect the audio above 80hz.

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