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R-800F disassembly.


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I recently picked up 2 R800F speakers, and the tweeters, I notice, only at specific frequency makes a slight scratchy sound. It does it at any volume, with multiple different melodies. Some may not notice, but I certainly do. Not sure if it's the receiver(Denon avr x4700h), or something else. I would like to find parts, and and if anyone has experience pulling the horns,  is there a diagram or something available? Be gentle, I'm new to this speaker line.

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So, interestingly enough, I am streaming hifi from TIDAL, and I notice the same obscure distortion in my vehicle at a specific high frequency, almost like a loose wire running to a tweeter. It's not a normal sound and not very noticeable,  however I am acutely aware of it now. I'm suspecting it's due to the hifi service I'm subscribed to and not the "master" quality which is another $10 bucks a month. I may pay the extra fee to see if it resolves. I will have to experiment with some different sources as well. I will report back when I have researched this a bit more.

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