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Vintage receiver or new mono block/preamp?


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     A little trepidatious about venturing into this particular pool, but what is the consensus on old, quality tube receivers vs. new tube mono blocks with a preamp?  I have a pair of Belles, unmolested, that I know can sound better than they do.  Great in some ranges, a touch shrill in others, not as defined a sound stage as I would like.  Right now they are powered by an NAD amp from the 80s or 90s (can't remember; those years are a bit foggy).  Before I go down the path of re-capping and then changing out drivers, I think I need to power the Belles with quality tube amplification to give them a shot at a fair showing.  I've  read good things about vintage (hate that word as I am now officially "vintage") receivers like Fisher and some Scotts and a few others.  They can still be purchased for about $1,000 whose makes them a bargain over mono blocks and a preamp.  The contender for new amplification for me is likely Quicksilver's Horn Amp and preamp.  Big difference in fiscal outlay - $1,000 for the vintage stuff, roughly $2,500 for the Quicksilver stuff. I have heard nothing but very complimentary things about Quicksilver and just have a good feeling about the owner and the company.  Thoughts?


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The years of research have resulted in better sounding gear available now, if you choose well.  I would buy newer, if not brand new components.  I have always been a fan of separates over receivers, even though I have a few receivers, now. 

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