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WTB KG2 drivers/ woofers/ passive radiators


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Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum but have been a Klipsch fan ever since I had the pleasure of listening to a coworkers setups a few years ago. That being said I was given a set of KG2's that needed some love and I'm on the hunt for diaphragms and replacement woofers/ passive radiators. I'm sure the dust covers won't cause very much change in sound but I do think that pushed in diaphragm won't sound that great. If anyone has any leads to some affordable replacements I would greatly appreciate a heads up!

KG2 _1.jpg

KG2 Drivers.jpg


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Easy stuff here. 


I fixed several of these in the past.  You can slightly wet them and pull out with a vacuum.  If they have any marks, go to a hobby store and buy some black acrylic paint, the type used to pain on canvas.  It will cost you 89 cents.  Just paint them and they will look like new. 


They can also be replaced very easily.  Cut out with an Exacto knife and glue in new ones with Elmers glue. 


The rip in the woofer can also be fixed by gluing on the back.  Use some lightweight material or cloth.  Again, paint the front and they will look like new.  Before anyone says anything, yes this adds a little weight, but you will not hear any difference.

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