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Where can i find a website dedicated to building tv stands and audio racks.....


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I've built (well actually, I oversaw the building of) the Flexy Rack shown here:


(Ask my wife - who painted the whole thing - and Ross Taylor - who routed/biscuit-joined/drilled the whole thing - just how easy it was!)

We think it turned out pretty good, and it serves our needs well. I wound up with 8 shelves (infinitely adjustable), with a nice raw birch lip on the front of each shelf. The shelves are painted satin black, and each has an indentation on the underside, towards the front, into which I can place one of the mini-light strips from Home Depot. Sturdy as all get-out, and pretty heavy, too.

The cool thing is, as Prana points out, you can substitute virtually any material you want for shelves!


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