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The Fives -- muddy mid range and bass sound after latest (summer 2023) firmware update.


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I loaded the latest firmware update (Summer 2023) and now my Fives are sounding like a muddy mess in the bass and mid range with certain music.  Did some tech support and another firmware update (you may ONLY use a 8GB or under flash drive, and that is not guaranteed -- maybe you have to go buy this *specific* 2 GB flash drive!  -- I used a 4GB I had on hand) and the firmware update did not signal properly to show the update had properly installed, which is running through each audio input and then back to the original again.  Tried again, only the AUX light solid, no running through inputs.


This is getting to be a bit too much -- all of these manual firmware updates, and specific flash drive suggested if your under-8GB drive doesn't work after all :(.  Must I really buy a special flash drive to do this? 


Klipsch does do not have any more walnut cabinet Fives to replace them with :(.

Loved them when they worked properly, but a lot of the time they sound blown.  Other times not!

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11 hours ago, NoCaro Coast said:

Hey ccrose….curious if you ever resolved this issue with poor sound after updating to the latest firmware.  I updated mine two weeks ago and I regret it!  They had distinct highs and thumps crisp lows prior but now sound horrible. 


you have to roll back to the previous firmware version , and if it works , disable automatic updates 

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Just wanted to loop around on this conversation - I’m thinking about updating the firmware on my speakers, and want to be sure about the ideal firmware versions that still introduce some of the new features and functionality as of the reason firm wears without distorting the EQ and sound.

Does anybody have the ideal firmware version number?


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