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WTB: Klipsch LaScala AL-3 Crossover single


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Thank you for the welcome. 

I have a pair of what were Pro LSI from around 1990-ish.  Serial numbers look like they were on stickers and wore away.  I listened to the speakers and thought one sounded off.  Thought it was maybe a bad tweeter or bad diaphragm etc.   I only opened up one back and saw the AL-3 crossover so I was happy with that.  When I went to check tweeter  that sounded bad after I got them home,  I noticed that one had the older AL crossover.  I'd like to keep the crossovers OEM and like them both to be the AL-3's


The mids and tweeters in both are the M variety K-77M and K-55M


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Many thanks to Tarheel TJ.  I got the crossovers yesterday.  They were in great shape.  I installed one last night and it works perfectly.  Even though my other LS has an AL-3 in it already I am probably going to install the other one from Tarheel TJ as 2 of the small caps are different on mine.  I probably wouldn't be able to hear it but I have the matching pair so I might as well use them.


Thanks again.  Packaging was great!

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