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  1. Hard to say based on just a room description, but it could be that floor bounce is an issue. This may be why you are only experiencing the problem after moving to floor-standers. I am thinking that 12' distance from couch to speaker, when triangulated by floor bounce to 14', might just equal a null at 100hz at the LP? Perhaps a thick rug/pad might help? I know they are a major pain to install, but I found "cloud" type panels on the ceiling to be very beneficial, though I don't know if it would help your 100hz issue.
  2. My guess is that since the change is in the lower mids and upper bass, that it has to do with a change in the distance between the bins. You are altering the comb filtering that results from the interaction between the two. I think that if it were a matter of changing the bass response of your FH1s, you'd hear it in the lower bass instead. Without measurements, of course, a guess is all anyone can offer.
  3. You might try rolling in some different 12AX7s before switching to a different tube type. I have found significant differences between modern Chinese production tubes and NOS western tubes. I had a phono stage that had a lot of tube "rush" to it. Swapped in some 70 year old NOS tubes and the problem vanished completely! YMMV. I have no experience with JJ12AX7s.
  4. jcmusic, you have some SERIOUS analog gear! Consider me envious. I have gotten much closer to audio nirvana over the last couple of years. Going to a digital active crossover (with much help from Chris A) and a dedicated and well-treated room has moved mountains for me. These two changes elevated my system from "above average" to amongst the very best I have ever heard at any price point. At this stage, my analog sources are definitely my weak link. I wish I had some of your pieces in my system. Maybe someday!
  5. In my experience, unless something else in the chain is severely deficient (not the case for you), speakers are almost always the weakest link. Despite all the fuss you hear about amps and CD players, almost all of them do an excellent job of reproducing an audio signal. They are nearly perfect in that regard, even the cheap ones. The same cannot be said for speakers. There is a world of difference between good speakers and poor ones. I think Alexander is spot on. A set of Heresys or Fortes would be a big upgrade from what you have now. You can probably get away with the Heresys since you have a sub, but bigger is always better. You might also look around Craiglist, etc. for some used larger Heritage models (LaScala, Cornwall). You may get the most for your money there.
  6. I have had a number of tube amps over the years. Had an AMC CVT 2030 (PP, Class A, 30 WPC) that sounded amazing but was unreliable and difficult to get serviced. Had a Musical Paradise MP-301; sounded great but was too noisy for high efficiency horns. Now running a home-build Bob Latino ST-70. It is the best yet. I am very satisfied for the ~$1000 I have in it. Now that I have one amp build under my belt, I am very tempted to try one of Transcendent Sound's OTL kits. Coytee's comments only serve to stoke that desire! Maybe 'll order a kit later this year....
  7. Randyh, I'm not sure what you mean about $4000. I paid less than $200 for the cleanervinyl one device and another $150 or so for the ultrasonic bath. Total investment of about $350.
  8. I agree with everything Chris says. For me, bi-amping and going to a digital active crossover, 2-way setup was a HUGE improvement over stock La Scalas. Probably the largest improvement I have ever made to my system with the possible exception of room treatment. It is not subtle. You can essentially remove most of the worst bottlenecks in your system. Others have covered the details already, so I'll leave that alone, but just know that the improvement is real and very significant. It takes some time, money, measurements and persistence to get it right, but it is absolutely worth it, IMO.
  9. I have the cleanervinyl one system. I love it. You can take a used, filthy dirty record and remove 95%+ of the noise from it. It really is incredibly effective! Kevin is right though, it is annoying only cleaning one at a time. I generally do one per night, and am slowly working my way through my 300 or so records. I have had the unit for 6 months or so, and have probably cleaned 100 records. I will probably buy the second record adapter soon, so that I can double my production. I could certainly do it at a faster pace, but I don't mind taking my time. One thing you should know, these systems produce a very loud and extremely annoying sound when running. I keep mine in a closet in the basement. I turn it on, close the basement door and go upstairs until it is done. You can't hear it much upstairs, but it is very annoying downstairs. My system is downstairs, so no listening while cleaning!
  10. The MP-301 is a great sounding little amp for the money. Be aware of a few caveats though. One, it is SEP, not SET, if that matters to you. The plus side is it can take a LOT of different tube types, and they do sound different from one another. It is thus excellent for tube rolling and exploring different sounds. The downside is that (according to some) it is lacking in the "true SET magic" that you would get from a 2a3 or 300m tube type. The biggest downside, however, is that they are a bit on the noisy side. I had to tweak quite a bit to get mine quiet enough to use with my stock La Scalas, and even still, it had noticeable hum and buzz to it. It was quiet enough to use, but far from silent. When I went to an active setup and wired it directly to a compression driver with no passive crossover in the circuit, the noise became totally unbearable. I had to replace the amp with something quieter (a Latino ST70 in my case). There are some mods out there that are supposed to help considerably with this. In fact, I have purchased the components to try this, but I have not gotten around to firing up the soldering iron yet. See here: https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/musical-paradise-mp301mk3-mods.4386/ and here: https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=45210 All in all, not bad for under $500, just don't expect perfection.
  11. I think this is going to be a compromise either way, and the answer probably depends on the shape of your room. Dual subs will always be preferred as they allow you to place them in different locations, cancelling room nodes and giving you a more even frequency response. In this case, however, there is a trade off (other than the usual trade off, cost). The Tuba HT is bigger and digs lower. I have a THT, and it is good right down to about 20hz, give or take. I think the Table Tuba would be lucky to get down to 30hz, and that is likely at a somewhat lower efficiency. The questions you need to answer are: Is 20hz response important to you? And how good or bad is your room with respect to bass nodes? Since it is a music only system, 30hz is probably fine, unless you like a lot of hip hop or dubstep (but really, who likes dubstep?), but that is ultimately up to you. Personally, I would love to have a second THT for the added punch and more even response. However, THTs are HUGE!! I have a (mostly) dedicated basement room where my system is and I still don't really have room for another. Maybe someday when the kids grow up I can commandeer some of their space for a second washing-machine sized sub....
  12. MiniDSP 2x4HD. Analog active crossovers are obsolete in 2020, IMHO.
  13. Chris, I am definitely interested in seeing what you can do with a Heil/MEH design. My first thought when I saw this was "how can I turn this into an MEH arrangement?" It seems like it would have incredible potential!
  14. Looks like you are off to a great start. I am a big fan of modified La Scalas myself. You can get a lot of performance out of that bass bin with an updated top section.
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