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Going price on a pair of klipsch LaScala


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Well I got them all cleaned up using light soap and damp clothes. I went with a natural slightly tinted wax to seal and protect. We have used this over the last 20 years on a couple other wood furniture pieces we have.  

Yes the speakers sound awesome (running cds through it). Love em.  I did some research and wanted to do some tube amps and decided on a new build from getdynaco so I got a st70 and soon to arrive pas-3 or M preamp. I also have a new turntable coming in on Monday.  It will be interesting but something I’ve had on my mind for many year is to have vinyl (ones created from analog source) and tube amp with klipsch belles, klipschorn … but these LaScalas will fit the bill in this room.  I do have other rooms I’ll need to look over if I do see a klipschorn near me at a fantastic price lol.  


 The AA crossover sound great to me but I understand will need new caps for longevity. I wanted to get my new gear going and listening for a bit and then do the upgrade. So not too many changes at once.


thanks again all, for the great information.

IMG_4670 Medium.jpeg

IMG_4668 Medium.jpeg

IMG_4666 Medium.jpeg

IMG_4667 Medium.jpeg

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