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7.1.4 emotiva mc1 processor speaker layout help


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I have a 11 speaker setup can it be laid out at 7.1.4.  Everything will be in a bedroom that is converted to movie room. Odd size so placement is tough. Mainly where do I put the tv and where to put the sides, height speakers. . .  If I put the tv in front of the window, will the 42 inch bump out make a difference. I put green tape for the rs62 (5 ft high right in front of couch) and rs7 (back wall near ceiling about closet door 36 in from side wall), don't know the proper height and if placement is good.  Where would a person place the front height. 
Just bought new setup with some old stuff.  My pictures are to big to post, I did take some of the current spots.  I'll try to take some later.


Emotiva mc1

emotiva xpa11 (3x300 and 8x65) 

klipsch rf83, rc64, rs62, rs7, rb81, rp5000ll

Svs pb 400

Panasonic ub820




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