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Klipsch K 27K and K 28K difference in the Tangent

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I need to know is there anyone who knows the main difference between this 2 woofers in Tangent 4000 and 5000


Im aware that the T5000 used the K 28K from the Heresy III and its 4ohm CMIIW, but whay about the T4000 it uses the K 27K which physically looks identical



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9 hours ago, OO1 said:

 the K-27 is a 6 Ohms woofer , it's not an 8 Ohms woofer  

Ahhh i see

4 hours ago, winglet said:

What are you trying to replace with what and in what speaker?

No im not trying to replace, i just want to replicate the Heresy 3 with the K27K

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