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heritage/ebay and other things


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Today,..in my normal daily look on to

ebay,..i noticed 4 pairs of horns for sale

it got me to thinking about a few things

1)it is the most "pairs" i have ever seen

for sale at one time ,..on there

2)i hope all of this is because the folks

that are selling, do not have room ,or

something,..for the speakers.

And not because of all this heritage

postings and concern about the future of

the heritage line,../driver availability


i though about this,..before i went to do

this post.. and....

i sold my cornwalls a few yrs back,..due to

space ...or lack of it..

i regret that now,..

But still plan to go full steam ahead as

soon as the house is done, and get my horns

like i said in a earlier post,..i have seen

drivers been changed before..

i mean...it happened just before i bought the Cornwalls,...the woofers were different

than the floor sample at the store.

But...that sound was still there...

and lets give the engineers some credit

with the change in tweeters again,.."perhaps

something new will be discovered.

sometimes good things come from a change

it worked before...

like i said...

a 9' Steinway is still a Steinway.

regardless of what parts they use inside

it still has that awesome sound

and...still a benchmark!


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