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which capacitors for Klipsch KG^2 crossover upgrade?

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I picked up a pair of well-worn Klipsch KG^2 bookshelf speakers for my office

Waxed the walnut veneer with some Briwax and got the cabinets looking great again

Ordered titanium tweeters from Crites speakers

Now I need three capacitors for the crossover network:

4 uF

8 uF

24 uF

I can solder but I know nothing about different types of capacitors and the relative cost-to-value

What is a good value option for these speakers?

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I have a pair.  I will recommend you do not use the Ti diaphragms unless yours have failed and OEM is unavailable. 

Use quality film and foil caps (expect $$$).  I used Solen metalized caps and find there is a subtle harshness or edginess to higher tones.  It took a while to notice, but now I don't like the effect.  You might find the metalized caps can be used in place of the woofer EQ cap to save money with little impact to sound quality.  That room has my H IVs so the KG2s aren't used much and I have little motivation to change them.  

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Vintage rule: replace part with like part. Your capacitors are metallized polyester - you can get a kit from JEM Performance. Link is at the top of the page. 

Going to a polypropylene film and foil is smoother, but also much brighter.

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