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Good starting system?


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Hey, what's up

I was wondering what a good sound solution for a starting out student that really likes KLIPSCH! I'd like to go with a 5.1 or 4.1 system or any other creative ideaas that you have. i am on a budget but i am looking at this for the future, so i am still in the planning phase. So, what do you recommend for a good "intermediate" speaker system.



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Hi Shaggy,

A good home theater starter system would be four Klipschorns, two in the front and two in the rear, with a Belle Klipsch as a front center channel. For amplification, look into Lexicon separates. If your room is fairly large, you may want to add a Bag End subwoofer.

Just kidding, honestly, you should try to get as good equipment you can afford right off the bat. It is amazing how long we tend to hang on to those early purchases with the thought "Oh I'll get something better soon." Also, if I were going to "scimp" on something, it would least likely be the speakers.

Anyway Klipsch is a good place to start. Doug is right when he asks for more info into what kind of system your looking for.


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yea shag, i basically started out w/ a pair of cornwalls. trouble is nowdays u need 4 or 5 speakers, kinda like when quad tried but failed in the early '70s. i was the only guy in town w/ a quad receiver but couldn't afford 4 speaks - think i had a mobile speaker & a drive-in speaker for the other 2.

so a man's gotta have priorities. & the 1st priority should be the speakers. so you've come to the right place. just depends what u have & what u need...

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I got me one of those Bryston amps! It's a 3B. Made a deal with my wife- I get the Bryston- we can have a child! I should have been thinking before child # 2 came along, who knows what I could have ended up with! I like the Bryston, but I recently have gotten the tube itch. Maybe talk of child #3 should start up! Oh- Imax sources out there amp needs to Bryston also. 12000 watts+ worth per theatre!

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