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come defend the promedias from klipsch bashers!


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Hey if their STUPIDc>f>s>enough not to know whats sounds good so what! Let them play their Altec Lansings who cares! We are rocking and they are listening to crap!



Bringing Wood Back to life!

SF-2 mains

SC-1 center

SS-1 rears


Sony DE845

Sony S560D

Sony CE345


Echostar 4922 sat rec.

Promedia 4.1's

Starband satcom

Digital PC link to reciever/MP3's

Fridge full of Beer

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i know i know, i was just kidding f00..


but seriously i could care less about the paradigms right "now". in the near future i might get some paradigm titans and a second hand Rotel amp if i can get one. FRom everything ive read they sound like good little speakers

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Let me start out by saying I haven't read anything yet; so I don't know the entire content of what is going on--but people are entitled to their own opinions! Don't just go over there and post saying they are stupid and don't know what "good" sound is. "Good" sound varies from one person to the next, ok?

I have the Midiland 8200's and believe them to be more useful than the Klipsch, but why do I stay here? I'm not here to bash the speakers; they're great--just like my Midilands are great; I stay here for the cool croud and knowledge.

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