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Klipsch wood finish


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Are any of you familiar with wood working enough to advise me on matching the oiled Oak finish that klipsch uses, to a off the shelf brand? I have some unfinished Oak speaker stands that I would like to finish to match to my oiled Oak Heresys. All of the stain chips don't really match and you may have had better luck matching stains. I talked to Trey at Klipsch and they use a commercial vendor. Thanks. MD

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Mike, That's the stain I was speaking of.It has a consistency of light motot oil,I guess you might say.I used the Red Mahogany to touch up some mahogany KSP300's.The match was

as close to original as possible,I believe. I'm no Homer Formby but I would suggest to you getting two shades,one lighter and one darker,than your original finish.Try a couple

applications of the lighter shade first and then if necessary try the darker shade.I am sure Klipsch Tech Support said an oil stain was used on my speakers.You might double check with Trey before buying.Trey just loves

for people to call.Call him today.And Good Luck on the staining.


PS-Klipsch cannot supply the stain.

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