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DVD-A(udio) question...


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I am confused and hoping someone on the forum can clear up my confusion about 96kh sampling output on a DVD-A disk.

I have my DVD-A player connected to my reciever with both the 6 channel connection and 1 digital connection.

When I play a DVD-A disk in 2 channel mode with the digital connection selected, the readout on my receiver says 44.1 PCM sample rate (not 96)...what is the deal???!!!

When I play the same disk and select the 6 channel input, my receiver does not display the sample rate???!!!

In the 6 channel setting, it sounds louder (at the same setting) and a bit more clear. Is it using a higher sample rate?

Hopefully someone has experienced this same issue and has some answers...thanks!


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I think I may have solved my own mystery...

I put in Bob Marley and the Wailers - The best of the early years. The DVD-A has a 96khz version on the disk. It seems as though most of the other DVD-Audio disks I own only include a 44.1khz version!!!

The receiver displayed 96khz PCM from the digital connection.

Lesson learned: If it does not specificly say on the DVD that it includes a 96khz sample...it is not there!

Also, picked up a few SACDs today. The offer an amazing sample rate of 2.8224Mhz (2.8 million samples per second)!!!

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