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ALK crossovers!!!!!


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Al once told me I was goofy for wanted to mount his X-overs on the topr of the K-horns for the world to see...dems sure is pretty!...I settled for my dynaco monoblocks on top of the speakers!...john, all is well in my house, lots of broken china, glasses and my garden dropped about ten inches below grade (I am working now on how to fill it back up to match my patio!)...believe it or not we are still having aftershocks (5.2-5.5, those would be big news in california, here we do not even get up out of our chairs/beds!)...thanks for thinking of us...regards, tony

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Have finished my ALK X-overs with wonderful results. I can add one more voice confirming all the good things that have been said about them.

IMPORTANT: Litz-wire Solen .2mh and .3mh inductors are MANDATORY. Initially, I used solid core - all that my supplier carried. Bad idea. When I first tried them, I couldn't believe how bad the Xovers sounded. Attenuated and lifeless. In desperation, I wrote Al K. who set me straight on that issue. In went the Solens and out came beautiful music. Al's masterpieces deserve only the best.

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Hi guys,

Here are the two coils that were removed from the network in favor of Solen

Litz wire inductors.

The coils measure .212 mHy and .314 mHy. Their Q is a very poor 12.5 at 6000

Hz for both of them. The Solen inductors wound of the same gauge Litz wire

(#14) have measured Q between 40 and 50.


Again ---> Only use coils wound of Litz wire in the tweeter / squawker

section of a crossover network!

Al K

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