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  1. Justin, PS...You can bite me as well you little zit faced punk...
  2. Depends on condition...What year K-horn???....If he bought all this stuff new we are talking 1975ish or so...the Mac gear is pretty common on e-bay...search completed items...I'd say $3,000 is more in the ballpark, but who knows????
  3. I was at that party...it was one 300 lb woman as I recall...
  4. I got that K55V from Al K when he bought those outdoor loudspeaker arrays on e-bay a while back. I had a 55M in the Belle and wanted it to match the corners...Anyway, it was rusted, hence the redo....It's glow paint too...LOL
  5. Ed, I have the 32" Wega which weighs #188....The 2X4 bracing that I added gives me peace of mind, but I'm sure that it would have handled it without, but was concerned with the over time effects....I am positive that it will handle a 36" Wega.....Wega's are weighted towards the front of the set so be sure and anchor the back of the set to the back of the Belle so it doesn't tip forward in a quake or such....be sure and pad it well....I used towels for padding on top...works fine if you tuck the ends under the set....no shielding problems
  6. The musicians will be in your room without the sub if your room acoustics and corner placement is tight.
  7. The Bose 901 is the finest speaker ever made, far surpassing any offering made by Klipsch. I would go with the 901's over the K-horns. Add a nice Yamaha receiver and you'll be set....
  8. That's cool Ray...I think I'll put a link from my site to it....
  9. Are these old King Biscuit available on cd as a series???..where can they be had??......searched CD now and came up with little...
  10. I'll let mine go for $5200...I'll even throw in a jar of basset slober....Anyone wanna bet his reserve doesn't get met??...lol
  11. Nice...are those Svetlana KT88's....how do you like them????
  12. Figure on buying new output tubes...7591's are hard to come by and are expensive NOS, but EH makes new 7591's that sounded very nice in my MC225....small tubes are cheap for decent new ones....How handy are you with a solder gun?...Going to want to tear it apart and replace caps etc....Good luck...Tubes rock
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