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Thunderbird Operating Tempurature


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Hey all, any of you running an Athlon ThunderBird 1.2GHz... If so, I'd like to know what temp yours is running at... I know they are supposed to run hot, but mine is running at a constant 48-52 degrees Celsius... does that seem too warm? Let me know what you all think...

I have an AMD certified Taisol HSF and a 92mm intake on the front of the case and 1 60mm 2 40mm and a 20mm exhaust fan on the back.

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it runs about 49 degrees on average (but I have Seti@Home always runnin in the background)... when I am playin games and stuff it gets around 52, havent seen higher yet... Are you serious that the TBird can handle temps that high? maybe its time for me to overclock smile.gif

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I read that it is spec'd to but I wouldn't push it - I think it is like the max or something (like redlinning a car for long periods - not good) Even 50 is a lot of heat to deal with and the more you have the harder it is to get rid of.

The cooler the CPU is the better it will run (and more stable) - If I were you, I'd get a better HSF and get that temp down before doing anything. ALso, make sure you have good airflow thru the case.

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