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In Ceiling Back boxes


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In commercial installations it is required by code to have "back boxes" in some states. I dont know about residentail codes. I have seen some metal, plastic and foam covers. If I were to do a in- ceiling setup, I would probally go with the foam just to keep the insulation out of the way.

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Guest BobG

It is fairly simple to place cardboard tubes the same diameter as the in-ceiling speaker and taller than the depth of the blown-in to prevent insulation from getting into the speakers. Sonotube or other cardboard tubes are pretty cheap and available.

Back cans are typical in commercial installation to meet code but do not enhance performance.

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BOBG/ALL- I have the IC525's in my bathroom ceiling and in direct contact with blown insulation.......

Should I be concerned with this from a safety standpoint?? Almost 10 months so far without issue.



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