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Projection TV and Center Channel


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Definitely LESS... My 65" Mitsu RPHD has a "horizontalized" KLF 30 on top a center and KLF 30's on each side without a trace of distortion. Only the crt guns could be affected... the projected image on striking the screen is not affected in any way.

Usually, 12-18" distance of the actual crt from the speakers is enough to thwart any disturbance. Your 46" should be just fine. Enjoy. HornEd


"30 Something 6.1 Herd"

KLF 30 Mains

KLF 30 Mod Center

KLF 30 Mod Surrounds

KLF 30 Rear Effects

SB-2 Front Effects

Subs: KSW-15 + 3 KSW-12's

Speaker Support Systems:

Mitsubishi RPHD1080i 65"

Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver

and more...


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I think the issue here is distance between the magnets in the speaker and the cathode ray tube itself.

In projection TVs the crts are down at the bottom and the light is bounced of a mirror at the back, then forward to the screen. So a speaker sitting on top of the set is about three feet away from the crts. That is a fairly good distance.

Ha. Speaker manufacturers shield the magnet with mu metal or bucking magnets. Does anyone know whether tv manufacturers have shielded their crts with mu metal? That would solve a lot of potential problems.



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