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RF-3's with "cherry" finish???


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I just read a very detailed review of the RF-3s and the reviewer made mention of a "cherry" finish version that he said looked a lot nicer than the "plain black" model!

Has anyone else heard of this? My understanding was that the RF-3 only came in that, hate to say it, rather cheap-looking "plain black" finish. Yet here we have a reviewer who not only mentions this "cherry" finish, he ADMIRES it--which would seem to mean he's actually seen it, and it's not just a mistake.

The site is an Italian one (but available in english) so is it possible Italians get a version not available here in the US?

I want to see these suckers!

Here's a link to the review:


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It is very unlikly that there is one.

I checked the specification of the RF-3:

FINISHES: Black ash vinyl veneer

But indeed I saw other pages stating the same.

Maybe a mistake with the RB-5's.

FINISHES: Cherry, Maple, or Black wood veneer

Maybe one of the klipsch administrators could clear things out.



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or maybe it was the new rf-5 and/or 7 towers


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rock on!

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