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  1. A few years back, there were some incorrect power handling figures printed on RC-7 serial number labels that got to market by mistake. The correct continuous power handling rating for the RC-7 has always been 200 watts max. As far as serial number labels go, the Reference label is the gold/brown tone and the RC-7 never had a black and silver label. PhilH
  2. Chip: Welcome to the Klipsch team! I just talked with Dan at your store as a follow-up to the call you made to us on Monday. We do appreciate and understand your concerns, and as David and Trey have already stated here, we have a public statement here on our website (the "Unauthorized Dealer Warning), and have an active team that monitors and acts against these sites that, as I have found after over 4 years in dealing with all of them covertly, consistently deceive their customers. I have had no products shipped yet with charges for them to my card, obviously used products shipped, damaged products shipped, even dusty products shipped. The first fact is that no matter what these sites claim, the products they claim to come from Klipsch have no Klipsch warranty whatsoever. If you are not satisfied with the yes, opened box product in nearly all cases, then they not only charge you the exorbitant (yes, that is part of the way they get you) shipping charges to return it, they charge you a restocking fee to boot! When they cannot get product to ship to you, they lie and say that we are backordered on it and cannot ship it to them. We do not ship anything to these unscrupulous sellers, whether it be product or parts. Last January, we filed several lawsuits against the major offending sites and were very successful in significantly reducing our brand presence on these and many other sites. There are still some sites out there though who just don't "get it": we will continue to do everything necessary to protect the Klipsch brand from unscrupulous "here today, gone tomorrow" sellers and will not stop in our efforts until their deception of our customers, both loyal and new, has ended! PhilH
  3. sox: A loose/disconnected wire inside the sub is my thinking also. Unfortunately, since Brandnamez is not authorized to sell any Klipsch products, there is no Klipsch warranty on the sub. The best course of action is to return it to Brandnamez for a full refund and purchase from an authorized Klipsch dealer who can handle a problem correctly, expediently and under warranty if something like this occurs again. PhilH
  4. The RW-12 has R and L Line Ins and an LFE IN, so simply split the sub out on your receiver to hook two up. PhilH
  5. The button on the front of the RCR-5 is a Treble Attenuation control. It's main purpose is the ability to lower high frequency information by 3dB in case, for example, the speaker is mounted near a window or other hard surface which causes some unwanted reflected/delayed sound. PhilH
  6. ccsakura: The warranty those sites offer is not through or from Klipsch in any matter. We do not provide them with either products or warranty parts. What they claim to do is repair it themselves during the same time period as a manufacturer warranty would. Who is repairing it, what are they using for parts and will they still even be around if and when you need that "warranty" service are the questions. PhilH
  7. Thanks for the "heads up" on the RC-35 info being down. No reason for it, just a web maintenance issue. It's back up now. PhilH
  8. No particular reason for it to not be up...just a web maintenance problem. Thanks for letting us know. It's back on now... PhilH
  9. ofeefee: Either the RC-25 or RC-35 will timbre-match the RB-25's. If you have the extra room and extra dollars for the RC-35, the most noticeable difference will be more bass with it's larger woofers, especially a consideration if you are not using a subwoofer in your system. Either way you go, have fun and enjoy!! PhilH
  10. The Led Zeppelin DVD is remarkable for the age of the material on it. Say all you want about Jimmy Page, but he found an engineer who also knows what the Zep live experience was all about and, at the same time, knows what the latest technology is to make an incredible remaster out of 30 year old relics. You can almost smell the illegal substances floating through the air as you watch the concert clips on these 2 DVD's. John Paul Jones never got the credit he deserved for his abilities...keeping up with Page in concert was a remarkable feat in itself!! The multiple "through time" versions of "Communication Breakdown" in the extras section is a hoot too! Hopefully, other classic 60's and 70's performances by other bands can now be dusted off and re-engineered to sound great with today's audio technology. Another one of my favorites is "The Who...Live From Royal Albert Hall" DD and DTS, recorded in 2000 while Entwhistle was still with us and Zack Starkey had developed into the best possible Who drummer since Keith Moon. You can sure tell he emulates Moon even more than he emulates his father Ringo. Unfortunately, another great Who combination never to be seen again... PhilH
  11. Panasonic will honor it's warranties if you buy from an authorized Panasonic online dealer, one that they have designated and one that they ship products directly to. That is why when you go to their website and choose their version of the dealer locator, it will give you "brick and mortar" dealers near your zip code and possibly an online seller or two if they have authorized one for that product. Again, no manufacturer will provide a warranty if the product is not purchased from an authorized dealer, whether it be storefront or online. Buyer beware....unauthorized sellers try to capitalize on these type of misconceptions. .....and just how do those speakers, receivers, camcorders, etc. you buy from most of these unauthorized sellers wind up with no manufacturer issued serial numbers on the product, yet that product is still in a "factory sealed box"???? Sounds like magical voodoo to me!!! PhilH
  12. BigBusa: When a supposed Klipsch speaker does not have a serial number issued by Klipsch, there is no way to tell exactly where it has come from or where it has been. Previously repaired, currently damaged, tampered with or stolen products, as examples, cannot be warranted by any manufacturer. Unauthorized sites also do not have access to warranted Klipsch parts, therefore those who claim they will perform the work themselves are using both questionable personnel and questionable parts to perform that so-called "warranty work". Again Klipsch, just like any other manufacturer, cannot provide a warranty on whatever these sites use as products. That is why Klipsch, just like most other manufacturers, warns consumers of the possible outcome from purchasing products from these sites. PhilH
  13. As we have stated before, we have no desire to be represented in any manner by Internet-only sellers on any of our current Home Audio products. Selling under a blanket of deception, along with very questionable customer service both before and after the sale are common with these sites. Will any of these sites leave customers "high and dry" if there is a problem? The answer is a resounding YES! I have personally spoken with customers who have been left out in the cold by websites who either become "inactive" or their site is now available for sale because they have gotten their money and it's time to move on to the next scam. Some sites that still exist refuse to help a customer even when product is shipped to them that is damaged or suspicious. Some sites "help" their customers by charging ridiculous shipping charges even if they do agree to an exchange or repair, more than erasing any "price benefit" that customer realized to begin with. Most of these sites truly decieve their customers by either claiming to be authorized, or by using wording that leads the average shopper to believe that. Our caution about these sites is at the bottom of this page under "Unauthorized Dealers". The fact remains: if you make a purchase from one of these sites not only will you get a product of questionable origin, you will get a product with no Klipsch warranty whatsoever! PhilH
  14. Of course, these speakers do not require such a modification but, as with any mod, should make a sonic difference that may or may not be perceived as an improvement. PhilH
  15. jzoz01: The gentleman that you talked with at Audio King has his "facts" quite jumbled up. His company definitely knows the real facts, as do his buyers and managers. Apparently he wasn't listening (or possibly was on vacation, etc.) when those facts were communicated. He needs to speak with his manager. PhilH
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