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  1. It does sound like you are on the right track. ph4525s can sound good but yes you need to eq them. I run mine with a pair of radian 850s and an active crossover. I actually think that more of my good sound with the 4525s is probably due to the quality of the drivers instead of the horns. But you probably could not use 850s because you need to cross them over lower on the bottom end than I do (unless you used an extreme slope). I get away with crossing them over higher because my mains are A7s with k horn bass bins used as subs. Have fun. Keep tweaking!!! Carl.
  2. I'm glad you're happy with your set-up, but: "Mine are cut off at 200 hz on the lower end in an active system, and my Klipschorn bass bins handle 200 hz to the bottom end. The 511s have been replaced with better horns and better drivers, and are relegated to other duties in the system. Eq also helps. " I was speaking of stock A-7s. You no longer have them; you have something else now. You are right, I guess that I have modded A-7s, augmented by Klipschorn bass bins. Glad to hear that your blistering critique of the speaker was only directed towards bone stock A-7s and not modded ones. Your comments seem to reflect prior criticisms of Klipsch modders in this forum, whenever different horns, drivers, or crossovers were used to replace OEM parts in a Klipsch speaker. I suppose that under your logic, most aftermarket modifications of speakers such as a Klipschorn and Cornwall where you add a different tweeter or change the crossover mean that you no longer technically have a "Klipsch" Klipschorn or Cornwall. Following that logic, I guess that I have only had two pair of "pure" Klipsch speakers over the years. That's fine by me. In the end, the sound is all that matters anyway - not labels. Carl. P.S. Having also owned LaScalas (and Belles), I also agree that LaScalas have better low-mid slam as opposed to A-7 cabinets. Still not a big fan of the K400 though...............
  3. Just like game six of the World Series last year and the multiple eliminations last year. What a game. Largest deficit overcome in a series clinching game (six runs), and they scored four runs in the ninth against the Nationals' closer. Feel bad for the Nationals fans, but the Cards are again taking the whole never say quit thing to a new historic level. Wow. Carl.
  4. Congrats on the great deal. I really enjoyed my pair of RB 75s. Too bad i had to swap mine to first get into vintage Heritage. You will likely enjoy them as much as i enjoyed mine. Carl.
  5. Well you know, audio opinions are like a certain part of the human anatomy - - everyone has one. I agree with Tom, A7s properly set up do not sound "bad" in a home environment, they can actually sound pretty decent. I do admit, however, that A7s should not be run in a small room. Mine are cut off at 200 hz on the lower end in an active system, and my Klipschorn bass bins handle 200 hz to the bottom end. The 511s have been replaced with better horns and better drivers, and are relegated to other duties in the system. Eq also helps. A person's audio taste in speakers is subjective. For example, I owed a few Klipsch speakers over the years. Some have really been my cup of tea (Klipschorns, Belles, Fortes). Others, not so much..... (Cornwalls, RF7s, etc.). That's what makes this hobby so much fun. []YMMV. Carl.
  6. Of course, given your cache of tube gear, you would say that, wouldn't you? [] Ahem, unlike my good friend Sheltie Dave, there are still some fans of the little chip amps left here in the midwest. I agree with Mike that the power supplies on the class D amps have a large effect on their sonic signatures. For a number of years, I have been using two little "chip" amps (Super T and Trends) on my horns in my main system, with upgraded power supplies (the KingRex PSU). The little amps provide great sound for my horns, but I am not asking them to do too much. I run active front and back, and the little guys are only being asked to run single drivers (Radian 850s up front and Altec 902s in the rear). One of these days I will have to try one of the Panasonic amps that started this thread. Carl.
  7. Totally agree with you, Fish. I also picked up Chickenfoot III, the new 'foot album, and Sammy, Joe and Michael sound much better to me than this incarnation of VH (and that is coming from a fan that originally preferred Roth-VH to Sammy-VH). I'm guessing that part of it is the genuine enthusiasm that the 'foot members feel, and the better creative juices that are flowing. To me, the 'foot are having "fun," and I am not sure that is the case with VH. Sounds like the "new" Van Halen album is going to have a number of "old" songs from Van Halen's club days that were never formally released on an album "in the day." Critics have commented that "Tattoo" sounds almost identical to "Down in Flames" - a tune from VH's club days in the '70s. Do not really care for the song or the video. Hopefully, the upcoming album will be better. Carl.
  8. Thanks Amy for your response and all the great work you do on the forum. I will see if I can find it still available at an authorized online retailer. Remind me, do you guys have a list somewhere of authorized Klipsch online retailers for items such as the IGroove? Thanks. Carl.
  9. Owned and loved Klipsch speakers for years. The wife wanted a set of ipod speakers for the kitchen for Xmas. No need of the Gallery Air - overkill for this application. Yesterday, I ordered a IGroove SXT directly from Klipsch off of this website. The site showed the product as current. Today, received an email from an authorized vendor stating the product has been "discontinued," and that my order was cancelled. Called and spoke to Klipsch online ordering. Not any help - just a company contracted by Klipsch to take orders. Then called Klipsch product support and was on hold awhile before I hung up. Can anyone confirm the IGroove is discontinued? Is there a replacement?? Is Klipsch's only ipod option the Gallery Air now? Guess I might have to go another route unless I get a clarification. Thanks. Carl.
  10. Agreed, those are model 19 types and not A7s. Enclosed are my A7s (with JBL E140s). Klipschorn bass bins are also behind the A7s, cut off at 200 hz, to round out my bottom end. Carl.
  11. I am also a big a fan of tripath amps. And similar to some experiences, I have made a partial transition from tube amps because of them. I currently run Klipsch Synergys out on the covered porch with the Dayton 30 watter pictured in this thread. Very nice sound, decent power, but a little bit lacking on the top end (just a bit). In my main system, I run my upper horns both front and rear with Super T amps with upgraded stand alone power supplies. Once I heard them, it was no turning back. Carl.
  12. Shhhh........don't tell them about the organization...............
  13. No, but the glazed look in his eyes looks familiar....... Carl.
  14. At lower to medium volumes, RF-7s are fine. My unmodded RF-7s were also harsh, however, at loud volumes and even with some pretty nice gear on the front end. Dean's mod helped considerably. If I still had them, I would try bi-amping RF-7s with a stout SS amp on the lower end and either tubes or a digital chip amp on the top. Its the big titanium driver on top, and the RF-7s are top heavy in stock form. I personally prefer aluminum and phenolic drivers for horns for listening to music, but my taste is not everyone elses. I also agree, however, that Reference IV's voicing is too laid back for my tastes, and given the choice between the two, I prefer the Reference III series. That's what makes this an interesting subjective hobby. Everyone hears things differently. Carl.
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