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Colin's description of Carver amps (AWA Phase Linear, a previous Carver design) is the same as mine. Not for Klipsch.

I have 140 wpc Parasound amps. They are TOO big. I have discovered the first 1.5 watts is Class A and it transitions to Class AB above that, so these are not as bad as many SS amps. None the less, I RARELY use more than 10 watts per channel (114 dB peaks, LOUD!) A 25 watt (x 5) Class A power amp is all I'd ever need. Parasound has considered this but sees no market, so affordable Class As are not readily available.


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Textc>The high efficiency of the Heritage Series speakers has brought me back.

I'm building a 25w/ch Son of Zen amp and having a tough time finding any of the Korns or Belles in New Zealand. I would be even surprise if there's even a pair of them where I live. Last resort.. making my own pair of Klipschorns.

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I have a car that reads 120 MPH on the speedometer.I have never used all of the power necessary to reach that speed,but it is nice to have in case I ever need it.My wifes car speedometer reads 90 MPH maximum.We

have never used the power necessary to reach that speed but the lack of power is apparent at lower speeds.I have a SonyES reciever that

is rated to deliver 100 watts per channel.I bought an Acurus 100X3 amp and have used both

together(line level)since new.Although I have

never used all of the power the Acurus is capable of delivering,the fact that the power

is there is apparent at the low end.And the middle.And the upper end.The sound,in comparision,is much more dynamic with the Acurus amp and is a good match for my Klipsch

speakers.I also believe that using the separate power amp is the reason my Sony reciever has lasted 6+ years and still going

strong.Lay your hand on a newer 5/7 channel

reciever and you'll see what I mean.BTW,the Acurus has always driven two pair or floor standing speakers.KG5.5's for six years,and now four KSP300's.Volume at 11 o'clock is LOUD and rattles the windows in my nieghbors sunroom.Don't cha just luvit. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


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