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New RS-7s - What's It Going To Cost Me


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Just curious. I've put off purchasing a set of surround speakers because of the new reference line. Has anyone seen anything regarding the MFSRP of the RS-7s? I've been saving my pennies for these and my wife has signed off on this already-- but she hasn't heard the cost yet.

As mentioned in an earlier thread, the RS-7s are supposed to be a better match with the legend series than the S6s. Not much has been said about these but if they are talked up as much as the RF-7s are, I will not be disappointed.

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Dougdrake, thanks for the info. If the product will be selling for $900 in the states, they will be 900 pounds in the UK. With today's exchange rate being 1.45, that will be a total of 900 x 1.45 = $1,305. This price doesn't include VAT (value added tax)which is 16 to 17 percent. Kind of expensive for surrounds isn't it? . That's the cost of one of the new RF-7s. If you think that this is expensive you should see how much the English people pay for a gallon of gas. Let's just say that it will take about $70.00 to fill up my mazda 626.

I'll continue to montior the bulletin board for reviews of the speakers when the finally come out, if the reviews are good, which they should be, I'll have to order them over the net from someone. I know about the warranty drama, but being an American living in the UK doesn't leave many options. No taxation without representation.

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