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Need info on Y-splitter -- already checked archives


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I would like to hook up a pair of headphones to my system, but I don't want to have to keep unplugging my klipschs in order to do so.

Would it be possible to hook up a y-splitter to my SB Live Value in order to accomplish this task?

I'm heading to radio shack today to look for the y-splitter. Please let me know if there's any particular type or model of y-splitter that I should look for or stay away from. I would also greatly appreciate it if someone could explain how best to hook it up.

Thanks in advance to those who can render assistance.

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heh. kind of strange but i just bought an sblive value, and i just did the exact same thing. it works flawlessly. ill give you the exact name and part number from radio shack:

dual stereo headphone adapter

(text under the titleSmile.gif

adapts two 1/8" (3.5mm) 3 conductor plugs to one 1/8" 3 conductor jack. gold plated

cat no. 274-879A

i put that thing in the front speaker jack and plugged the klipsch green cord and a stereo cable into it. i put a dual 1/8" coupler on the end of the stereo cord, taped it to the top of my table. so the plugin for my headphones is now right beside my keyboard :D no difference in quality is noticeable at all.. through the klipsch or my grado sr-60 headphones.

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hey you should pick up the cp-1. its the 4.1 preamp, it improves sound as well. also includes a headphone output and also a input for mp3 players or discmans or minidisc players. only available off klipsch website tho. i sound like im working for klipsch now =X. hey if u go buy one tell them to pay me commission.

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