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HornEd sees Red...


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Looking forward to a chance to "Do it up BLUE" Jim... but this post is still RED. BobG put a long post in handling the "cryptic" alphabet soup phase of K-minion innocents... and I thought my reply would be better made on this thread.

BobG, thanks for the necessarily long post in "RP-5 Sighting". Many of us appreciate what you are trying to do... even when we may not understand it. Now we know that your posts are voluntary and even above and beyond the call of duty. The "humane/impish" side of your posts are enjoyed by all... even "tongue-in-cheek" lurker/specialists here about.

I, for one, truly enjoy the opportunity this Forum gives us all, K-minion, stray dog, and all that's in-between. It would sadden me if you or any other Klipsch person would believe that I have a less than high regard for the company past and present.

In fact, that's what drove me to start the "HornEd sees Red!" thread. As a veteran Klipsch consumer, I like to have my new Klipsch opportunity fairly close to their release... and not months later as it seems to be in my neighborhood. And I don't like to have to pay a penalty to special order a speaker just to hear it... although I do agree that it is the right of a store (Like Good Guise!) to determine the products on display... just as it's my right not to appreciate their choice... and the negative impact it has on my favorite speaker company in my apparently backward neighborhood.

I think it is significant that a number of folks posted replies about how good their local dealers were. And I just heard that Santa found boomer in July with a pair of LaScalas. And I got a great pair of walnut Cornwalls while I was waiting. BobG, it just isn't all bad.

So, kind (an witty) sir, please keep up the good work and voluntary comments... maybe you could have them add a "tongue biting" smiley for administrator's use only. It would be a joy if we all could take biting humor for humor... and not acerbic rhetoric. So bite me Bob, as the occasion may arise... cwm23.gif I kinda miss my favorite ex-wife any way... only she isn't so understanding when I bite back. cwm34.gif HornEd

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Oh,yeah, and a P.S. to Jim (of the Cornwall Cornells) yes the Cornwalls have really brought beautiful music into my life again.

Details are in "Mystery Cornwall" along with my appreciation for all that pitched in.

With music like this, I have got to hang around a while... so I will be working on the health thing. I'm still not quite right... cwm20.gif ...so what's new? HornEd


"Where Legends Live! Klipsch Powered HT"


KLF 30 Center, KLF 30 Mains, KLF 10 Front Effects


KLF 30 L&R Side/Surrounds, KLF 30 Rear Effects


Twin SVS CS-Ultra sub with Samson Megawatt Amp


Mitsubishi RPHD1080i 65", Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver

and such... Tweakin' On!

Walnut Cornwall / KSW-15 Music Room Under Construction

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Lessee... I recently purchased some KLF-30's (June). I heard them about 4 years ago and only for about 10 minutes in a store demo room (LaSalle in Peoria, IL I believe). My first Klipsch experience was getting to 'babysit' some Cornwalls for about a year in the 1990 timeframe. At the time when my babysitting stint was up I opted to purchase Boston Acoustics T930's since to me the comparable (price wise, $600/pair) Klipsch's of the times (KG series) didn't sound as good to me as the Bostons.

Anyway, 11 years later I was ready to get some big Klipsch... I went to my local dealer (Ovation in Lafayette, IN) and they didn't have anything on display as far as Legends or Heritage line. In the meantime I had been looking on eBay and such and getting prices off the internet. I called to Ovation in Indianpolis (not sure which one) in hopes that I could do some good listening prior to purchase.. by this time I figured I should be only paying $1400-1500 for the 30's since they were going out of style and all. Anyway, the Indy dealer stated that they have no Heritage or Legends to listen to. I asked the dealer if Klipsch had any sort of sound room there at their HQ and he said no, but he proudly stated that Klipsch will soon have the worlds largest anechoic chamber. Anyway, I asked about pricing and he said he could only give me the $1800 price on the 30's since they were special order. There was "no way" he could go cheaper. Well, I was pretty disappointed, not in the price thing (since I wasn't a regular customer), but that I couldn't hear these things anywhere and here I am, sitting in Klipsch's backyard, so close to the mother ship!!

I went back to my local dealer and he did give me a good price and I went ahead and ordered some nice black 30's.

I guess my point is that the dealer network seems to be really weak in having the big Klipsch's to listen to. Even when one is so fortunate to be 50 minutes from the big Klipsch sign on I-465!!! It is really a shame, since I feel it is the top end of Klipsch's line which *really* shines. While Klipsch is more mainstream than ever, it is still very difficult to have first hand experience with the *really* good Klipsch speakers.

Just my $0.02.

HornEd: Could you give a short review of the 30's vs. the Cornwalls?? These are only two Klipsch's I've ever lived with. Having listened to them 11 years apart, I'd be interested in how they compare with one another.


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Mace, I really appreciate your taking the time to illustrate the difficulties that a sincere buyer of larger Klipsch products has so close to the core where future Klipsch products will be born and/or put to pasture. I'd like to think that the day of the large Klipsch sound has not atrophied into virtual obsolescence across the board. If this, and similar threads, could be taken as a statistical sample, it would seem to indicate that buying upscale Klipsch speakers takes a level of dedication far beyond that required for other similar products.

We can only hope that our flickering attempt at recognition can be taken by the K-headshed as an earnest plea to figure out a way that auditioning and buying new upscale products doesn't have to be as hard as it seems to be in so many parts of the country.

On the issue of a brief review between KLF 30's and Cornwalls... I really need to have more Cornwall time to be fair. But, at first blush, I would rate the Cornwall as the more musical in terms of fine detail from kettle drum roll to cymbal crash... and everything in between (richer strings, soulful brass, articulate reeds)... and vocal nuances that make the vocalist seem up close and personal. But then I have them staged in the classic stereo configuration that I have used for music since stereo replaced mono so many decades ago... and I have listened to far more hours of high quality 15" woofers than I have with 12" woofers... and that probably generates a bias.

Of course, the KLF 30's are in a dynamic 6.1 HT config with the Twin SVS CS-Ultras providing as solid and profound a bass as I have ever heard in a home system... and KLF 10 front effects carefully tweaked to provide an ethereal background against which the mains and center KLF 30's dominate. I tried to build an HT system that would grab a hold of your psyche, thrust you down into the soft glove leather LazyBoy and transport you body and soul into today's feature. Of course, the KLF 30's have to be accomplished replicators of the whole gamut from bulkheads collapsing beneath the seas to angels being heard on high. I guess I might say that the KLF 30's are the quintessential "blue collar" speakers that get in on deep in the trenches... command your attention with a definitively "Klipsch Sound" mid-range horn... let down a peg by the somewhat modest highs... robust speakers that have to reach a bit to "make nice."

All those Legends make a pretty tough (and expensive) array for a couple of nearly twenty year old speakers to play against... but the Cornwalls hold their own and then some to my ears... but, perhaps, a little honest bass boost from an ultra clean sub may be in order.

Well, Mace, I don't know if that early broad brush strikes any chords with you... but I would appreciate (as would a host of lurkers) the assessment of your more experienced ear with both of these speakers. cwm32.gif

Ye marketing gods and little re-tale fissures... after feeling moved by the mental comparison of these two late great Klipsch classics... cwm23.gif ...it is a good thing I am not king... for klutz Klipschmanship would be a hanging offense! HornEd


"Where Legends abound ...and Cornwalls hold the highground!"

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