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What center/rears with Belles?


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Unless you can find a single Cornwall for the center,Heresy C and surrounds would be my choice.

I use a Heresy as a center with my K-Horns.I wasn't completly satisfied with the tonal balance and level,so I added a K-Horn sqauwker in a seperate box under the Heresy and used an AA network.It matches now perfictly.

My wife thought it was fine before,but I can't leave well enough alone.

Not to discourage you about using one for a center,I just felt the smaller Heresy sqauwker sounded a little lean in the mids.

Of course the Belle uses a little bit different sqauwker than the Horn and La Scala.Might be a better match after all.

Sorry for the ranting.

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I am using a KV-4 Center and Heresy II's for rears between my Belle Klipsch. I found a single La Scala for $300 but could not figure a way to get it under or above the Projection Television feasibly. I also use a pair of a/d/s L300C' for additional rears. The KV-4 works well as it's sensitivity rating is 99db which is actually higher than a single Heresy I or II at 96db. Depends on what you can get cheaper I suppose, I bought my KV-4 on eBay for $275.


If it's too loud, your too old :)

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