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Are the new Klipsch surrounds out yet?


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I'm a newbie here (I've been registered less than an hour). This category seemed

like about the only place to ask my question.

I'm waiting with bated breath for Klipsch to release their new 8" rear surrounds.

Their model number is: RS7 WDST and supposedly sell for about $800/pair.

Initially, I was told they would be coming out in May. Then my dealer told me she

had word from Little Rock that they wanted the dealers' orders for these new

speakers in to them by the 25th of June.

Anyone know anything about them? Have searched for their info on this site but

have only been rewarded with several "No Results" from the site's search engine.

Oh, one more thing. I have a pair of KLF-30 towers for my front end and am wonder-

ing if these great speakers are still in production. I wasn't successful in my search

for KLF-30 info, either. Have they been discontinued?

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Hold on to your breath mints, HONDADX, you will find the "inside stuff" on this board is way faster than any speeding production line in Hope. The new "Reference 7" lines are being cranked out to replace vaunted Legends now relegated to yesteryear.

The neat thing about following this board is that its about as fair and honest a commercial board as you will find these days. And the Klipsch minions from Trey Cannon in the trenches of customer service to BobG atop Bon Mots Mountain, I have never seen the new Klipsch speaker insider excitement any higher.

A few of our "great unwashed" (i.e. customers, like yours truly, who has not been bathed in the new Klipsch sound) have been fortunate to get their ears around the cherry demos at avant garde dealers... and all the "first ear" reports have been rave reviews.

However, for those who live in the backwaters of less up-to-date places, like the San Francisco Bay Area, cwm31.gif it is a "Wait & Hear" proposition. You'll find the posters here quite candid and helpful of one another... whether it says "Klipsch" on their paycheck or not.

Of course, their are a few old reprobates whose bated breath is held in the Legendary inner sanctum of their old fashioned KLF 30's... or any of a hundred+ other Klipsch offerings over the last half century. This site has been recently upgraded... all that you seek is probably here... just be patient and mouse around a bit. Oh, and not to be discouraged if you like the new sound, I know first hand that there is a cash market for your KLF 30's... cwm32.gif HornEd


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KLF 30 L&R Rear Effects

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Speaker Support Systems:

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and other goodies... Tweak On!

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hon, have u checked w/ accent sound in OPKS yet? maybe so since u said she & they're about the only klipsch game around, 'cept for that one over in lawrence (also good but can't recall the name) & brandsmart(marginal).

but that's where i've gotten all my latest klipsch & i know they were looking forward to the new ones.

they still have my velodyne for repair so i'll be in touch w/ them when i get back there from seattle.

& it sounds like from a few of the klipsch guys comments on here that they make an excellent match for legends. i'd like to hear 'em 2 cwm35.gif


Klipsch KLF 30 (front), KLF C-7, Cornwall I (rear)

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Sega Genesis game player

Sub: None yet

rock on!

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boa . . .

I have not been in contact with Janet Young at Accent Sound (O.P. KS) because, unless

I'm sadly mistaken, my RS-7s have been pre-ordered -- and now, it's up to Klipsch to

ship them. I guess I was just getting a little antsy. If Janet has told me in the past that

these new speakers were in the Reference series, it didn't stick.

Now that I know to which Klipsch group the S-7s belong, I can find all kinds of info at

the Klipsch site.

The Klipsch location in Lawrence KS that you're trying to remember is Kief's Audio/

Video. I don't use the local BrandsMart chain much anymore. Years ago, they used to

have great prices on camcorders and video gear, but they don't seem all that great

anymore. I guess it's that everything's gotten so competitive. These places are not only

fighting regular snail mail discount buying, but also online buying. Everybody's tryin'

for a piece of the pie.

Now that I've seen the onsite pictures of the Reference series, the more I'm convinced

that the new Reference line (at least the RF-7) is a further extension of my KLF 30s.

However, I haven't sat down with the actual specs for both speakers and done an A/B

comparison. (I may be all wet on that.)

Well, thanks for the interest, boa. The sound I'm experiencing now with the KLF-30

fronts, C-7 center and Velodyne 15" sub is pretty awesome. Wait'll those 8" S-7s come

in; the total ensemble ought to put me out in the Cosmos someplace!

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We have been shipping RS-7's for about 3 weeks and your dealer will receive them based upon the date of their order. FIFO.

RS-7's are absolutely the speaker to use for surrounds in your system.

Don't write off Brandsmart, they have some good people. Accent Sound and Kief's are good too but each has its own distinct flavor. In about a week, you might find the people at Brandsmart particularly well informed about new Reference models...

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BobG . . .

Thanks for your response.

"Don't write off Brandsmart, they have some good people. Accent Sound and Kief's are

good too, but each has its own distinct flavor. In about a week, you might find the people

at Brandsmart particularly well informed about new Reference models..."

I have never doubted the competency/product knowledge of BrandsMart's personnel.

It's just that what was once a wonderful source of discount prices on highly desirable

leading edge "gear", evidently decided they were no longer able to operate at that level

anymore and moved to increase their prices. It's like supplying a kid with cookies and

then cutting off his supply -- the kid's unhappy!

I will certainly keep Brandsmart in mind as a Klipsch information source. Thanks again.

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