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  1. Steve, I would change over to a pair of Heresy's instead of the KG-2's. You could probably find an old Pioneer receiver over at Saturday Audio Exchange. They have a website and there in Evanston Illinois. Saturdayaudioexchange.com Marty
  2. After talking to Trey Cannon my understanding is that the only difference between the K-33 and the K-34 is the cardboard gasket. The K-34 is to be front mounted in the Cornwall II. The K-33 has a thicker gasket so that it can be mounted from the back. They are the same woofer other than that. Dan
  3. HDBR, I thought Klipsch used Birchwood Caseys Tru Oil on there oiled speakers or is this the same as boiled linseed oil. Dan
  4. I bought my Cornwall II's in 1989 for $1500.00 . They were brand new when I bought them, still have them. Dan
  5. Craig, How does a Scott 222C amplifier compare to these 299 amps? I have one and am wondering if its worth getting it looked at. Thanks Dan
  6. Doug, There use to be a parts list but I believe it has been removed. If you call Klipsch or e-mail them they can give you a price for the part you looking for. Any particular part you had in mind? Dan
  7. The K-57-K is used in the Cornwall II, I have a Cornwall II made in 1989 and it uses this midrange along with a K-79-K tweeter and a K-34-E woofer. Earlier Cornwalls used a K-77 tweeter a K-55 midrange and a K-33 woofer. The actual horn on the K-57 is identical to that used on earlier cornwalls other than its made of plastic, my horn is a K-601 earlier ones are a K-600. Hope this helps. Dan
  8. Dillion, those 1964 Heresys were bought by my Dad. They still are working wonderfully in our living room. Dan
  9. I have a pair of 1964 Heresys bought brand new. Dan
  10. Hi, The K-79 tweeter is used in the Cornwall II, I have a pair of Cornwall II's that were made in 1989. The midrange is a K-57 and the woofer a K-34. The crossover is mounted on a printed circuit board and is mounted on the back speaker terminal connections. Dan
  11. As of a year ago, the new prices for these parts are as follows K-79 $76.00 K-57 $178.00 and the K-34 $100.00 These were the prices direct from Klipsch. Crossover is no longer available. Dan
  12. ---------------- On 9/28/2002 6:16:25 AM FredT wrote: Has anyone experimented with remounting their Cornwall I horns to the front of the panel? It seems the flush mounting (as done on the Cornwall II) would produce more even frequency response than the stock rear mounting. Also, would the installation of internal bracing offer any sonic advantages? The Cornwall is a large speaker, and it seems like the large unbraced 3/4" plywood side, front, and rear panels would contribute some unwanted resonance. Comments? ---------------- Fred, I have 1989 Cornwall II's and they have a 2x4 that is nailed between the front and the back board. This is how they came from the factory. Its mounted just below the midrange. Dan
  13. HDBR , When Klipsch sprays the back and front boards of the Heresy and Cornwalls black, did they actually have to mask off the wood veneer sides. Was just wondering how this was done. Seems like that would be a lot of labor time to mask off every box for painting. Also were all the boards for the speakers pre-cut before arriving at the factory? Thanks, Dan
  14. Thanks Jim and Al, I will give that a try. Dan
  15. Al, Is there an easy way to strip the wire on Solen Litz wire inductors, the wire is 14 awg stranded? Thanks, Dan
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