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7.1 Surround Speaker Help


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Finally making the jump from 5.1 to 7.1 with the purchase of my new RS-3II's. These will be complimenting my Ref.-3II fronts and center and the Quintets I was previously using for rear surrounds. I'm pretty sure I'll be placing the RS-3's in the back and moving the Quintets to the sides, but I was wondering what experiences/opinions everybody out there has had with this similar situation. Thanks in advance, your advice is always most appreciated.


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I would also use the RS3IIs as the side surrounds instead of in back. Not only are there directional issues, but if you decide to go DVD-Audio/SACD at some point, you would want to use your RS3IIs in 5.1.


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Hmmm... I was hoping you would say the opposite.

Judging from the results of Home Theater Magazine's Mike Wood in his article "Face Off: Surround-Speaker-Configuration Wars" (http://www.hometheatermag.com/loudspeakers/25/index.html) I was thinking it would be best to throw the mono Quintets up for the sides and utilize the WDST for the backs.

Can anybody else weigh in on this subject?

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I have read that article, in the final conclusion it just falls down to preference, monopole or dipole speakers for the sides or rear, the average concensus was most movie buffs prefer dipoles and music listeners prefer monopole so the question is which one are you or which one do you prefer most. In my case I use the RS3II on the sides and rears I can really feel the full effect of the movie.

One thing though the quintets will have to keep up with the reference speakers, I know I had them too I tried to match them when I got my RF3II before its just not the same timbre. Give it a shot and hear then decide whats best for you.

Stay cool!!!10.gif

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