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old pics of my system


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ok, these are old pics of my system over a year ago,a friend took them, and others with a 35mm for my Insurance Company. He actually copied them to disc recently, finally eons after I can post here, after watching a hockey game and a few beers, these are abit old for my current setup, but it gives you the idea eh.

I will attach as 1 pic a post as not to weigh the server down.

The TV\Audio stand I custom designed to my specifications (components vary) along with the Hersey II stands.

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Monster HTS5100 is now a HTPS7000, Marantz MA700 mono block amps are in the boxes. You are looking at the Marantz DV12S1, Marantz SR18EX, Marantz DR6000, VM5100 and the turntable is the Marantz T2200 with a Shure that I currently use now, just occupying the bottom shelf in this pic, the mono's take up this space, no need with the SR18EX, oh ya sweet piece 9.gif

and yes that is snow out my front window 10.gif


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and finally short and sweet at the time, my Hersey II's on custom 21" stands....and yes that is snow again outside the window. The cable is now switched to Kimber Cable 8TC like my fronts, but actually considering switching all to StraightWire...oh yes 9.gif

The stand legs are hollow and I filled them with several bags of sandbox sand I got at Home Depot(my Nascar man Tony Stewart).

The Castrol team jacket is part of my racing fetish, BIG John Force fan, have all his diecast in 1/24th scale by Action(several autographed pieces).

Also love CART, Paul Tracy is da man, to Greg Moore RIP, to Players racing, our Government sucks, thanks for the memories and the excellent drivers out of your school.2.gif


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Hey, nice setup! I just love your reel-to-reels! One looks like a Teac. What's the other? It looks like a 4-track. An Aiwa perhaps? I have an old Teac A3340S 4-track myself that I've got stored away in a road case due to a lack of space to display it. 15.gif In fact, I think I'd like to sell it someday so it would at least get used by somebody who'd appreciate it. Anyway, thanks for sharing your nice room with us.

-Picky 2.gif

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On 3/12/2004 1:44:57 PM nicholtl wrote:

Picky, I just visited your hometheater site...and I must say "wow," that was one incredible transformation.


Yep, I agree! He has done a fine job.1.gif

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Thanks for the replies folks, and views.

thanks mOOn and Nicholtl, more than welcome over anytime, I'll supply the cold 1's 2.gif

SC, when they left after watching our NHL Edmonton Oilers on PPV he tried to swipe it lol....

Picky Picky, a true Izerman fan..cool..I visited your site and congrats, nice setup, great job. Yes that is a TEAC A4300 to be exact, the 4 track is a German made Dokkorder, I actually gave it to a friend for helping move everything here and set it up, he was drooling over it and it was the least i could do for his help.10.gif

thanks to all that viewed, knew I would post it someday...lol...

*cheers* 2.gif

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Thanks KB, actually not much room for furniture even as you see...lol...

it's funny, my neighbours don't complain and yes I am in an apartment on the top floor now. The guy below came up one night and actually asked to see my system and not turn it down, he said he could hear everything crystal clear(Supertramp, Crime of the Century)...so I offered him a beer and the sweet spot....lol....

he now has a Klipsch RF35 set up...2.gif

to add the EQ you see on the reel rack is the Pioneer GR777 I bought years ago, nice piece, since replaced with the ADC. The headphones are AKG DF240.s...sweet....

The Sony cassette I just got last summer at a garage sale, with S Dolby even, $300+ deck for $25 not bad, sold my single tray Marantz SD51..... 9.gif

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