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Got the RB-35s!!!!


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Got the RB-35s tonight and love em!!!! Instead of getting them off of the net I bought them off of a dealer. Got them for $505 out the door which isn't bad IMO. I paid about $50 more than I would have had I got them off the net, but this way if something goes wrong(highly doubt it) I can get them fixed. And if I want, later down the road I can trade them in and if the speaker I buy costs twice what it costs I get the full amount I paid for the other speakers on trade in! Pretty awesome deal. Which is something I couldn't have done if I had bought them on the net.

Overall I think the speakers sound awesome! They have alot more bass than I thought they would have had for a bookshelf. The mids and highs sound amazing! Glad I went with 35s. They sound awesome with the RB-15s in back. I have the KSC-C1 center channel which sounds good with the setup as well. Now I have Klipsch all the way around! 9.gif For now I'm happy.2.gif

Are they supposed to have any break in period???


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Yeah, they sound awesome! Just didn't want to crank em up to far(I still did a few times though) if they were supposed to be broke in. After reading the manual it doesn't mention a break in period though. So tommorrow they are going to get a workout!9.gif I think it was worth the $50 or so extra dollars for sure. Even just the trade in deal made it worth that. Who knows I may want to upgrade sometime.2.gif Not any time in the near future though. I don't see a need.

Klipsch rocks!!!!!!!!

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Congrats you got your speakers and Klipsch all around(I felt the same when I just pushed my PM series satallites and center away from my HT, sitll leaving the sub atm..... it'll be gone soon) 9.gif

The speakers do have a break in period...... depends on how often you play with them and how much volume you use. I used around a whole week or more to bring them to complete performance for ref series(it just grows better and better).

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