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SVS PC+ 25-31 VS. 20-39

Drew in the desert

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I had my heart set on getting the RW-12, however, after listening to the RSW-12 there really was no comparison. Now, since my budget has increased to include the RSW-12, I'm wondering if the SVS PC+ line would work better for me.

Originally, I would not have thought about going with anything other than Klipsch, but due to the amount of respect that the SVS are getting I think they might be the better option.

According to the specs on the SVS page, the PC+ 25-31 and 20-39 seem to be very similar. The only difference I can see is the taller enclosure on the 20-39, allowing it to go deeper, correct?

I am about 60/40 (HT/Music, respectively), but can't decided between these two subs. I know most people will point to the 20-39 since it digs deeper, but will I be sacrificing some of the punchiness I love so much in the music I listen to?

Or, should I still be looking at the RSW-12?

Any thoughts?

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well, as far as cost, svs wins hands down. performance, well again i vote svs, but it depends what you are looking for. i am 95% ht and wanted ground trembling bass that went down to the 20hz range. from what i heard from testing the rsw line and all the members attesting to svs, i went with svs. after i got to hook it up, i knew that the rsw line couldn't have done what the 20-39pc+ does down low. as far as the differences between the two svs subs, it isn't a huge difference, more in subtle range difference. most folks probably would never realize that there is a difference due to the low freqs or spls that you would be reaching to display these differences.

(wow, i said differences a lot)

as far as music "punchy-ness" i can't say too much as that has not been a factor for me. i like the way the 20-39 sounds with music, but it definitly shows it's muscle in dvds...as they are going to contain lower freqs than most music. i have never thought..hmm my svs isn't punchy with music.

the rsw wasn't a good price or performance fit for me. looks great, but didn't have what i wanted in my ht needs. what helped me what that i ranked my needs in order or weight and it was an easy solution to go svs. it compliments the references very well.

hope this helps somewhat. 1.gif

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Thanks tankhonkie, this does help. I plan on mating this sub to RF35's, so now that I think about it these speakers produce decent bass on their own and should provide the punchiness I want in music. But, for an extra $50 to upgrade to the 20-39? Same amp, same driver, can't I just plug one of the ports on the 25-31 to get the deeper bass? Seems to me that the 525 watt amp on the these two subs would provide a higher SPl on the 25-31.

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Email Tom at SVS and describe you system and room arrangment. He is very knowledgable and gets back with answers very fast. The customer support at SVS is outstanding and Tom will not lead you astray. I've even seen him recommend another brand to someone.

Personally, I'd go with the 20-39PC+ if you don't mind the "extra four inches." It's already at 20Hz and has plenty of muscle with the 525W amp. And you can use 1-2 port blockers to go waay low. I will try that out myself after my HT construction is complete in June. For music, the SVS does very well at keeping up.

They mention that the 25-31 will play louder, but I'm not even at 30% on my 20-39 so I can't imagine I'd be able to tell what, if anything, was missing in terms of SPL. And I think I still have plenty of headroom if I want to tune it lower.

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