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Too good to pass up...

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Somebody finally did it right.




KLF-20 Mahogany

McIntosh C33

Rotel RB-1080

Yamaha PF-800 Turntable/ Sure V15 Type V Cartridge

Ortofon VMS-30 mkII Cartridge

Stanton 999SS Cartridge

Carver TL-3100 CD

Yamaha K-1020 Cassette

dbx 1231 EQ

H.H. Scott 830z Analyzer

Monster Interlink 400mk II

Monster Interlink 300 mk II

Studio Tech U-48RW Cabinet

Monster Power HTS-5000

Original 12ga. Monster Cable

Enough empty boxes for a fire hazard!

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Holy @#*& Batman that isn't your regular garage sale list of used audio equipment. I hope this guy really needs the cash, because I can't imagine what he would be upgrading to. I can't bare to think about the seperation disorder that will ensue after this system is gone. And for crying out loud, I hope there aren't any divorce lawywers involved. I would write him a check, but this mortgage thing keeps coming up every month and my wife makes me pay it.

Happy listening and enjoy!


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