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In a previous post, I mentioned the problem I was having with the bass on my Synergy Series SB-3's. The problem is primarily related to the enclosure that they are in. I received some excellent suggestions and have made several adjustments which have resulted in a marked improvement. One of which was to stuff the bass port. I am using a balled up tube sock and push it in to the point where it will stay. While I know the speaker was not designed to have the bass port plugged, I want to be sure that I am not doing any damage to the speaker and wonder whether I need to be concerned with how far the sock is inserted or whether there is another product method I could/should use. I have seen suggestions for using a bunch of 5" straws, socks or faom rubber. Some speakers may even have specific inserts for their bass port. I don't suspect that Klipsch makes them for these. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Socks are fine and there will be no damage to the speaker. One of my previous speaker systems (Marantz) even suggested stuffing the port to control the bass in problem rooms and they provided a response curve with the port stuffed. I have done it to other ported speakers as well.


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