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External Dsp Processor's

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I dunno what your Kenwood can do. I suspect there is no easy cheap fix.

It seems to me that every midline HT receiver coming on on a monthy basis has more and better processing power at a cheaper price.

So, there is no cheap outboard unit which is going to match or keep up with the march of progress. It is like trying to upgrade a two year old computer to match a new one. Can't be done.

My suggestion would be to bite the bullet, buy a new $400 HT receiver at the mall store, or whatever you can afford.


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William this kenwood unit is awesome. but like i said the sound fields suck. this receiver retails for 800.00 from the dealer. i may go with a yamaha dsp-e1000 digital processor for my video,dss, and cd listening. thanks










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Dear K-D:

My apologies. I'm ignorant in many things. And I can appreciate the deserved rebuke.

I thought you had an older unit and you were looking for a quick upgrade fix.

So. You have a current unit from a reputable manufacturer. Yet the sound field is less than you hoped for.

Perhaps others on the forum can give some advice on the particulars of sound stage and DSP systems from various manufacturers.

None the less, your descriptions that the system is awesome, and yet the sound field sucks, don't give us much information to work on. "Sucks" doesn't convey specifics. =8^o.

I'm not mocking you ; others have commented on localization problems. Seems as if you like the sound overall, but localizaion of images is not quite what it could be.

I suspect this is not a product of a bad set of electronics or processing. Other manufacturer's units probably use the same techniques of processing. So I doubt there is going to be a big improvement by switching to other set of electronics if you're now at something current.

Rather it may well be worth experimenting with speaker placement and tweeking the settings on the receiver. These are cost free and may well be worthwhile.

People report good results in imaging, in two channel systems, by moving the speakers out from against the wall. Of course, this is applicable to HT. Then the distance and balance settings on the HT receiver would have to be reset. Give it a try before going into more electronics.



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