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This question primarily targets those with similar equipment. But others are also welcome to donate some copper. I've noticed than many like myself use rb5's as mains, rs3's, and an rc3. The latter two are new editions which I will de-virginize with the new receiver (I dont have one at all). I have yet to obtain a decent sub, so opinions on those would also be helpful.

I'm looking for a receiver. My listening tendencies are 60% music, 35% movies, and 5% voices inside my head.

Three receivers I had in mind are:

Denon 28xx


Onkyo Integra DTR6.x

All these receivers are about $500. Has anyone listened to one of these or all of these combinations. It may come down to personal preference, and I must say the HK looks f'n cool. I think HK also has the best remote.

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I am selling a Denon 3802. It's used (by me), kept in an audio cabinet, with dust removed monthly. It is in perfect working condition. (A few months ago lightning struck my house, and there was a problem, but it was taken to an authorized Denon repair center and had a full check up and replacement of damaged parts, which Monster paid for, so essentially it's even newer.) I'm looking for ~500, if you're interested, let me know. This reciever kicks much ***, i'm just looking to upgrade to the newer ones for the component up-conversion since i use so many video game systems.

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I'd rather go the new and unused route. The 3802 is a good receiver, at least that is what most people say, but I have no first hand knowledge of it. In addition I'm looking for a smaller, less powerful, simple 5.1 amp. I know that in this price range and at this juncture in the A/V industry I would end up getting one or two extra channels, but they would go to waste. Not only do I not have the room for more speakers but I don't want any more than the 5.1 channels that I already have. I would really like a solid 5.1 amp with good connections, user interface, and an programmable remote.

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I'm going to throw another receiver into the mix since you mentioned music. I have a Marantz (SR7400) and I love its sound w/ music. The other day I was in an A/V store and they were pushing a pair of $1,500 B&Ws w/ a Marantz SR 4400, which is around $500 (maybe a little less), and it sounded terrific. I absolutely love my Marantz for everything, but especially music. The other receivers you mentioned are all great, I'm just giving another option that doesn't get too much press.

On the Denon side of things, keep your eye out for a deal on a 2803 as they've just been discontinued. You may be able to save a little money on that great unit.


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You did not mention how much you'd like to spend on a sub, but my speaker

selection is similar to yours and before I upgraded to an RSW-15 I had

an RSW-10 and it was a pretty nice little unit. It sounded really good

with my combination, especially with music, I just wanted more thump.

The price is decent too. By the way, what kind of speakers do you use

for the voices inside your head??

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