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Jethro loves tubes ! lol


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OK sorta of topic but funny. My nephew was watching the beverly hillbillies(episode Jethro's Pad) so I noticed Jethro was trying to be an internatial jetset playboy and one of the requirements for this status was a hi-fi system to help put women in the mood. I wouldn't usually notice but he had tube monoblocks and even a tube preamp. The tubes he was using were very bright and I was hoping to see soem khorns but no such luck. The only problem I could see with Jethros plan was that he was using a turntable per channel so it would be stereo to blast women into the mood...I can't believe I haven't tried this.. So how many of you have success put women in the mood with your systems and are we that much closer to being international playboys? LOL


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